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247 Student-Athletes Named To Spring 2016 Dean's List

This is an image of the Diane M. Halle Library on the campus of Endicott College. This is a view of the library with some greenery peeking through the top of the photo on a bright day.

BEVERLY, Mass. – A total of 247 club and varsity student-athletes have been named to the Endicott Dean’s List for their performances in the classroom during the spring 2016 semester. All 20 Endicott varsity programs and all six club programs were represented on the Dean’s List this spring.

The Endicott Dean’s List recognizes students who have earned a 3.50 grade point average (GPA) or better during the spring 2016 semester. Twenty two out of the 26 programs had five or more student-athletes named to the Dean’s List, while 13 programs had 10 or more honorees. The programs with 10-plus honorees were baseball (10), equestrian (13), football (23), men’s ice hockey (14), men's rugby (12), men's soccer (10), women's cross country (11), women's ice hockey (13), women's lacrosse (10), women's rugby (18), women's soccer (18), softball (11), and women's volleyball (10).

The breakdown of student-athletes named to the Dean’s List is solely based off the list provided by the Endicott Athletics Compliance Office that reflects grades posted as of June 1, 2016. The list provided by the Endicott Athletics Compliance Office, which does not include study abroad student-athletes, is subject to change at any time.

A complete list of Dean’s List honorees can be found below.

Amato, Michael Baseball
Burke, Liam Baseball
DeDonato, Michael Baseball
Drew, Josh Baseball
Gould, Kevin Baseball
Hendrickson, AJ Baseball
Morris, Colby Baseball
Puiia, Christopher Baseball
Rebello, Brad  Baseball
Sultar, Zachary Baseball
Bond, Abigail Cheerleading
Chaganis, Mega Cheerleading
Cocciardi, Alexa Cheerleading
LeBlanc, Mikayla Cheerleading
Regan, Nicole Cheerleading
Sherman, Gina Cheerleading
Yandow, Amy Cheerleading
Czernicki, Kendra Crew
Judd, Caroline Crew
Kirby, Kendra Crew
Lemieux, Rachael Crew
McKinnon, Claire Crew
Mercieri, Erika Crew
Shanahan, Brenna Crew
Ziolek, Victoria Crew
Chabot, Danielle Dance
Cyr, Bridget Dance
Mersereau, Amanda Dance
OKeefe, Kelsey Dance
Prior, Lauren Dance
Sanchez, Amy Dance
Schoefer, Bailey Dance
Sweetland, Katelyn Dance
Bemus, Meredith Equestrian
Charette, Emily Equestrian
Crist, Kyra Equestrian
Day, Shannon Equestrian
Dugan, Lillian Equestrian
Dwyer, Caitlin Equestrian
Entwistle, Morgan Equestrian
Ferrara, Amanda Equestrian
Graf, Silvia Equestrian
Hall, Bronwen Equestrian
Lawson, Kaitlyn Equestrian
McClellan, Nicole Equestrian
Rhinelander, Kelly Equestrian
Allen, Ashleigh Field Hockey
Brown, Courtney Field Hockey
Kaleta, Melanie Field Hockey
McInerney, Molly Field Hockey
Molinare, Cameron Field Hockey
O'Brien, Kristen Field Hockey
O'Reilly, Maggie Field Hockey
Przybylski, Taylor Field Hockey
Wood, Madi Field Hockey
Acierno, Matthew Football
Anderson, Craig Football
Athas, Stefan Football
Bentz, Ryan Football
Craft, Jamison Football
Deveaux, Timothy Football
Edwards, Andrew Football
Fortes, John Football
Hayes, Sam Football
Hopewell, Conor Football
Jeames, Jamarcus Football
Kozlowski, Joseph Football
Lawrence, Daniel Football
Lipscomb, Christopher Football
Martinez, Christian Football
Paige, Geoffrey Football
Pelletier, Jake Football
Pizzotti, Christian Football
Poirier, Zachary Football
Schuchmann, Michael Football
Smith, Samuel Football
Walsh, Spencer Football
White, Brendan Football
Aldridge, Kevin Men's Ice Hockey
Bowes, Josh  Men's Ice Hockey
Carricato, John Men's Ice Hockey
Daniels, Thomas Men's Ice Hockey
Dougherty, Ryan Men's Ice Hockey
Frazier, Connor Men's Ice Hockey
Horwitz, Carter Men's Ice Hockey
Jablin, Trace Men's Ice Hockey
Maloney, Shamus Men's Ice Hockey
Olsson, Ross Men's Ice Hockey
Petrella, Nicholas Men's Ice Hockey
Slovak, Joseph Men's Ice Hockey
Vincent, Samuel Men's Ice Hockey
Wood, Parker Men's Ice Hockey
Clifford, Vinny Men's Basketball
Light, Christopher Men's Basketball
Lipscomb, Christopher Men's Basketball
Morneweck, Christien Men's Basketball
Motroni, Max Men's Basketball
Richardson, Deven Men's Basketball
Shehadi, Joe Men's Basketball
Dwyer, James Men's Cross Country
Finocchiaro, Patrick Men's Cross Country
Owens, Eric Men's Cross Country
Benshoff, Drew Men's Golf
Donovan, Hunter Men's Golf
Knox, Carter Men's Golf
Baer, Ethan Men's Lacrosse
Chen, Evan Men's Lacrosse
Condon, Jack Men's Lacrosse
Farfalla, Will Men's Lacrosse
Garrity, Grant Men's Lacrosse
Goldberg, Joshua Men's Lacrosse
Hannon, Teddy Men's Lacrosse
Carlson, Stephen Men's Rugby
Castelluccio, David Men's Rugby
Clavin, John Men's Rugby
D'Alusio, Jake Men's Rugby
Edelman, Walker Men's Rugby
Klanica, Justin Men's Rugby
Long, Nathaniel Men's Rugby
Lowrey, Jordan Men's Rugby
MacEachern, Mavrick Men's Rugby
Oliva, Thomas Men's Rugby
Sutherland, Christian Men's Rugby
Tuttle, Maxwell Men's Rugby
Cohane, Ryan Men's Soccer
Fletcher, Spencer Men's Soccer
Greco, Mark Men's Soccer
Hartan, Robert Men's Soccer
Itoh, Shintaroh Men's Soccer
Johnson, Tyler Men's Soccer
McLaughlin, Brendan Men's Soccer
Mozzicato, Mark Men's Soccer
Ocko, Carter Men's Soccer
Slobotzky, Diego Men's Soccer
Dolph, Michael Men's Tennis
McCleary, Keaton Men's Tennis
Healy, Ryan Men's Volleyball
Newman, Jacob Men's Volleyball
Racey, Devin Men's Volleyball
Riorden, Troy Men's Volleyball
Tayek, Chandler Men's Volleyball
Toth, Daniel Men's Volleyball
Allienello, Lindsee Softball
Beauchemin, Casie Softball
Cameron, Stephanie Softball
Corda, Jamie Softball
DeMilt, Gina Softball
DiBella, Samantha Softball
Holman, Ilyza Softball
Odermatt, Olivia Softball
Palmerino, KK Softball
Pederson, Lexi Softball
Somerville, Laura Softball
Bellinghieri, Mia Women's Basketball
Coppola, Gabriella Women's Basketball
Cuddy, Kelsey Women's Basketball
Holman, Ilyza Women's Basketball
Hood, Sarah Women's Basketball
Kiernan, Hannah  Women's Basketball
Mancini, Emma Women's Basketball
Manning, Katie Women's Basketball
Black, Alexis Women's Cross Country
Gilloran, Julia Women's Cross Country
Kaminski, Kristie Women's Cross Country
Keim, Abigail Women's Cross Country
Mason, Hannah Women's Cross Country
O'Neill, Kelly Women's Cross Country
Pearl, Samanth Women's Cross Country
Rigoli, Holly Women's Cross Country
Robishaw, Brooke Women's Cross Country
Tocci, Lauren Women's Cross Country
Waites, Brooke Women's Cross Country
Carter, Ellen Women's Ice Hockey
Castellano, Chloe Women's Ice Hockey
Farragher, Meaghan  Women's Ice Hockey
Guider, Erica Women's Ice Hockey
Hughes, Caroline Women's Ice Hockey
Jonsson, Linnea Women's Ice Hockey
Jonsson, Vendela Women's Ice Hockey
Klein, Lexi Women's Ice Hockey
Lustenring, Rachel Women's Ice Hockey
Robichaud, Michelle Women's Ice Hockey
Steeves, Alicia Women's Ice Hockey
Walpole, Courtney Women's Ice Hockey
Yakush, Lauren Women's Ice Hockey
Balboni, Jaime Women's Lacrosse
Burke, Chelsea Women's Lacrosse
Campbell, Ali Women's Lacrosse
Fairchild, Cailee Women's Lacrosse
Gill, Erin Women's Lacrosse
McMahon, Molly Women's Lacrosse
Piatelli, Julianne Women's Lacrosse
Rino, Isabella Women's Lacrosse
Shannon, Brenna Women's Lacrosse
Whitney, Emily Women's Lacrosse
Albanese, Alliso Women's Rugby
Athas, Nicole Women's Rugby
Buma, Brittany Women's Rugby
Cerci, Reagan Women's Rugby
Clifford, Rebecca  Women's Rugby
Doyle, Kelly Women's Rugby
Enos, Leah Women's Rugby
Fulciniti, Rachel Women's Rugby
Hamilton, Erica Women's Rugby
Hatzis, Sophia Women's Rugby
Hervieux, Lauren Women's Rugby
Hontas, Samantha Women's Rugby
Kenkel, Sierra Women's Rugby
Page, Katilyn Women's Rugby
Rentz, Julie Women's Rugby
Rogowsky, Tara Women's Rugby
Wilson, Lauren Women's Rugby
Zak, Jordan Women's Rugby
Burgess, Alexandra Women's Soccer
Caggiano, Delaney Women's Soccer
Card, LeeAnn Women's Soccer
Chipman, Katherine Women's Soccer
Coopee, Taylor Women's Soccer
Elwell, Shelby Women's Soccer
Hartlage, Kristin Women's Soccer
Magee, Kathryn Women's Soccer
Marinelli, Paige Women's Soccer
McKinley, Madison Women's Soccer
Mueskes, Ashley Women's Soccer
Ozycz, Olivia Women's Soccer
Pernice, Sharlotte Women's Soccer
Pratt, Paige Women's Soccer
Rodewald, Emily Women's Soccer
Sezon, Brady Women's Soccer
Verneris, Mary Women's Soccer
Wysocki, Laura Women's Soccer
Barmore, Alexandra Women's Tennis
Fitzgibbons, Reilly Women's Tennis
Freter, Gillian Women's Tennis
Javaruski, Katie  Women's Tennis
Rahr, Lauren Women's Tennis
Zompa, Jamie Women's Tennis
Brennen, Jayla Women's Volleyball
Hadad, Erica Women's Volleyball
Hamel, Rasa Women's Volleyball
Knapp, Hayley Women's Volleyball
Mancini, Emma Women's Volleyball
McIntyre, Tori Women's Volleyball
Sonke, Staci Women's Volleyball
Trudon, Erika Women's Volleyball
VandeMerkt, Alexandra Women's Volleyball
Watts, Lexi Women's Volleyball

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