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310 Student-Athletes Named To Fall 2017 Dean's List

This is an image of the Diane M. Halle Library on the campus of Endicott College. This is a view of the library with some greenery peeking through the top of the photo on a bright day.

BEVERLY, Mass. – A total of 310 Endicott College club and varsity student-athletes have been named to the 2017 Fall Semester Dean's List for obtaining a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 in the fall semester. All 21 Endicott varsity programs and all seven club programs are represented throughout the list.

The breakdown of student-athletes named to the Dean's List is solely based on the information provided by the Endicott Athletics Compliance Office, which reflects grades posted as of February 12, 2018. The list provided by the Endicott Athletics Compliance Office is subject to change at any time.

NOTE: In order to qualify for the Dean's List, a student must obtain a minimum grade point average of 3.5, receive no grade below a "C", have no withdrawal grades, and be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits for the semester.

Anibal, Cooper  Baseball
Bailey, Justin  Baseball
Brown, Joseph  Baseball
Bryant, William Baseball
Cacciola, Dan Baseball
Casciano, Michael  Baseball
DeDonato, Michael  Baseball
Ferreira, William  Baseball
Gould, Kevin  Baseball
Mason, Colin  Baseball
McKinley, Matthew  Baseball
Morris, Colby Baseball
Rebello, Brad  Baseball
Robida, Matthew  Baseball
Schmidt, Ian Baseball
Sultar, Zachary Baseball
Thibault, Jacob Baseball
Train, Bailey Baseball
Zink, Andrew  Baseball
Barlow, Megan  Cheerleading
Bond, Abigail  Cheerleading
Chaganis, Megan  Cheerleading
Dellisola, Emily  Cheerleading
DiStefano, Julia  Cheerleading
Doherty-Crestin, Carly Cheerleading
Folsom, Kristine  Cheerleading
Nelson, Emma  Cheerleading
Regan, Nicole  Cheerleading
Rose, Rebecca  Cheerleading
Sherman, Gina  Cheerleading
Wilson, Hannah  Cheerleading
Atzbach, Molly Crew
Burola, Sarah  Crew
Chidsey, Ashlyn  Crew
Hagerstrom, Lindsey  Crew
Roca, Emma  Crew
Samson, MaryAnn  Crew
Shanahan, Brenna Crew
Stein, Rachele  Crew
Zorfas, Benjamin Crew
Chabot, Danielle  Dance Team
Courtemanche, Andrea  Dance Team
DeCaro, Francesca  Dance Team
DeDonato, Erica  Dance Team
LaVallee, Katherine  Dance Team
Nickerson, Jamie  Dance Team
OKeefe, Kelsey  Dance Team
Poulin, Madison  Dance Team
Sanchez, Amy  Dance Team
Sandoval, Serena  Dance Team
Sweetland, Katelyn Dance Team
Wholey, Julia  Dance Team
Bemus, Meredith  Equestrian
Bolduc, Kathleen  Equestrian
Crosby, Tracy Equestrian
Gerrish, Abbigale Equestrian
LeBlanc, Tessa  Equestrian
Silva, Annabella  Equestrian
Teel, Emily  Equestrian
Vuilleumier, Amber  Equestrian
Battista, Anna  Field Hockey
Brown, Courtney  Field Hockey
Bushey, Brittany  Field Hockey
Champigny, Julie Field Hockey
Clarkin, Zoe  Field Hockey
Crowley, Sam Field Hockey
Davis, Paige  Field Hockey
Grabau, Jaylin  Field Hockey
Graham, Emily Field Hockey
Hirtle, Emily  Field Hockey
Kaleta, Melanie Field Hockey
Kudas, Olivia  Field Hockey
Larson, Olivia  Field Hockey
Miller, Emma  Field Hockey
Molinare, Cami Field Hockey
Sandblom, Meg  Field Hockey
Smith, Lilia  Field Hockey
Timm, Victoria  Field Hockey
Whitney, Lauren  Field Hockey
Wood, Emylee  Field Hockey
Wood, Madi Field Hockey
Acierno, Matthew Football
Bentz, Ryan  Football
Carpenter, Brendan  Football
Chacon, Dylan  Football
Filonow, Christian  Football
Gaskell, Cory  Football
Genaway, William  Football
Glaser, John  Football
Hayes, Sam Football
Lewis, James  Football
Lorusso, Thomas  Football
Maddux, Grayson  Football
McGowan, Peyton Football
Muir, Luke  Football
Paige, Geoffrey  Football
Poirier, Zachary  Football
Salvo, Drew  Football
Sherman, Brett  Football
Smith, Samuel Football
Toland, Shane  Football
McDevitt, Matthew  Men's Basketball
Noonan, Russell Men's Basketball
Shehadi, Joseph  Men's Basketball
Villa, Joel Men's Basketball
Finocchiaro, Patrick  Men's Cross Country
Marshall, Zachary  Men's Cross Country
Poccia, Marcus  Men's Cross Country
Benshoff, Michael  Men's Golf
Cole, Christopher Men's Golf
Donovan, Hunter  Men's Golf
Goulos, Athan  Men's Golf
Knox, Carter  Men's Golf
Lucey, Ronan  Men's Golf
Palazzo, Ben Men's Golf
Tuttle, Kenneth  Men's Golf
Bowes, Josh Men's Ice Hockey
Costello, Connor  Men's Ice Hockey
Daniels, Thomas  Men's Ice Hockey
Dougherty, Ryan  Men's Ice Hockey
Frazier, Connor Men's Ice Hockey
Hayes, Lloyd  Men's Ice Hockey
Heidkamp, Michael  Men's Ice Hockey
Horwitz, Carter  Men's Ice Hockey
Kalinowski, Jason Men's Ice Hockey
Kucerovy, Daniel  Men's Ice Hockey
Lisk, Bump Men's Ice Hockey
Musil, Jack  Men's Ice Hockey
Olsson, Ross  Men's Ice Hockey
Petrella, Nicholas Men's Ice Hockey
Rodgers, Luke  Men's Ice Hockey
Thibodeaux, Kyle  Men's Ice Hockey
Clark, Ben Men's Lacrosse
Clark, Will Men's Lacrosse
Collari, Jared  Men's Lacrosse
DesMarais, Samuel Men's Lacrosse
Fahey, Colin  Men's Lacrosse
Faucher, Matthew  Men's Lacrosse
Frazier, Connor Men's Lacrosse
Garrity, Grant  Men's Lacrosse
Goodrich, Cameron  Men's Lacrosse
Goulburn, Charles  Men's Lacrosse
Hannon, Teddy Men's Lacrosse
Heidrick, Joshua  Men's Lacrosse
McCleary, Matthew  Men's Lacrosse
Reilly, Christopher Men's Lacrosse
Souza, Hayden Men's Lacrosse
Spada, Eric  Men's Lacrosse
Speak, Kenneth Men's Lacrosse
Spence, Mike Men's Lacrosse
Thompson, Grant Men's Lacrosse
Van Spankeren, Kenneth Men's Lacrosse
Voggenthaler, Adam  Men's Lacrosse
Adelberg, Jesse  Men's Rugby
Bassett, Keenan  Men's Rugby
Clavin, John Men's Rugby
DeHaven, Andrew  Men's Rugby
Faust, Christopher  Men's Rugby
Hurkmans, Jason  Men's Rugby
Nadeau, Zachary Men's Rugby
Nedde, Jaeger Men's Rugby
Avery, Steven  Men's Soccer
Couchot, Conner  Men's Soccer
Ebanks, Shane  Men's Soccer
El Sehrawey, Tarek Men's Soccer
Legg, Adam  Men's Soccer
Martin, Thomas  Men's Soccer
McLaughlin, Brendan  Men's Soccer
Sousa, Joshua  Men's Soccer
Stockdale, Camden Men's Soccer
Bozek, Matthew  Men's Volleyball
Braquet, Seth Men's Volleyball
Dake, Adam Men's Volleyball
Newman, Jacob  Men's Volleyball
Riorden, Chad  Men's Volleyball
Roman, Erich  Men's Volleyball
Eisenband, Corey Roller Hockey
Kaski, Matthew Roller Hockey
Malone, Patrick  Roller Hockey
Webster, Jacob  Roller Hockey
Arduini, Hayley Softball
Atkins, Peyton  Softball
Cleary, Cailin  Softball
Connelly, Madeline Softball
Favreau, Adrianna Softball
Hamill, Michaela  Softball
Hopgood, Jamie  Softball
Kenehan, Kayla Softball
Llewellyn, Hannah  Softball
Mallozzi, Mikaela  Softball
Odermatt, Olivia  Softball
Oram, Maggie Softball
Rose, Zoe  Softball
Sharpe, Emily  Softball
Sheldon, Kayla  Softball
Somerville, Laura  Softball
Stratton, Danielle  Softball
Charette, Samantha  Women's Basketball
Coppola, Gabriella  Women's Basketball
Gilbert, Shannon  Women's Basketball
Hersey, Kara  Women's Basketball
Kiernan, Hannah  Women's Basketball
Lipscomb, Catie Women's Basketball
Pariseau, Jacquelyn Women's Basketball
Pratt, Emily Women's Basketball
Putnam, Kaleigh Women's Basketball
Rogers, Mikaela  Women's Basketball
Stapelfeld, Cassandra Women's Basketball
Valente, Olivia  Women's Basketball
Frame, Anne Women's Cross Country
Keim, Abigail  Women's Cross Country
Marek, Haley  Women's Cross Country
Mason, Hannah  Women's Cross Country
Pomeroy, Laura  Women's Cross Country
Regnier, Elise  Women's Cross Country
Tocci, Lauren  Women's Cross Country
Waites, Brooke  Women's Cross Country
Bezona, Dynnea  Women's Ice Hockey
Carter, Ellen  Women's Ice Hockey
Demers, Nicole  Women's Ice Hockey
Farragher, Meaghan  Women's Ice Hockey
Fuller, Samantha  Women's Ice Hockey
Gibbs, Jillian  Women's Ice Hockey
Jonsson, Vendela  Women's Ice Hockey
Klein, Lexus  Women's Ice Hockey
Layo, Margaret  Women's Ice Hockey
Lustenring, Rachel Women's Ice Hockey
McDowell, Emma  Women's Ice Hockey
McNamara, Michaela  Women's Ice Hockey
Meier, Jade  Women's Ice Hockey
Peterson, Alyssa  Women's Ice Hockey
Pretkelis, Alexa  Women's Ice Hockey
Steeves, Alicia  Women's Ice Hockey
Stump, Laura Women's Ice Hockey
Walpole, Courtney  Women's Ice Hockey
Berger, Abigail  Women's Lacrosse
Berger, Margaret Women's Lacrosse
Dellatto, Talia  Women's Lacrosse
Healy, Jacklyn  Women's Lacrosse
Jamieson, Caroline Women's Lacrosse
Jarvis, Megan  Women's Lacrosse
Lacroix, Jennifer  Women's Lacrosse
Larson, Olivia Women's Lacrosse
Manning, Mollie Women's Lacrosse
McCarthy, Erin  Women's Lacrosse
McDowell, Emma  Women's Lacrosse
Merrill, Cassidy  Women's Lacrosse
Rino, Bella Women's Lacrosse
Rose, Alexandra Women's Lacrosse
Strycharz, Julia Women's Lacrosse
Baus, Kayla  Women's Outdoor Track
Buckley, Hannah Women's Outdoor Track
Budge, Jamie  Women's Outdoor Track
Castelli, Amelia  Women's Outdoor Track
DeCaro, Francesca  Women's Outdoor Track
Folkes, Olivia Women's Outdoor Track
Jankowski, Julia  Women's Outdoor Track
Keim, Abigail  Women's Outdoor Track
Marek, Haley  Women's Outdoor Track
Moul, Sabrina  Women's Outdoor Track
Papa, Taylor  Women's Outdoor Track
Pomeroy, Laura  Women's Outdoor Track
Regnier, Elise  Women's Outdoor Track
Sheetz, Julia  Women's Outdoor Track
Sullivan, Julianne  Women's Outdoor Track
Tocci, Lauren  Women's Outdoor Track
Villemaire, Sierra Women's Outdoor Track
Waites, Brooke  Women's Outdoor Track
Almeida, Melissa  Women's Rugby
DAprile, Gianna  Women's Rugby
Fleming, Erica  Women's Rugby
Hatzis, Sophia  Women's Rugby
Hervieux, Lauren Women's Rugby
McCardle, Nicole  Women's Rugby
Nunes, Cassidy  Women's Rugby
Poulin, Amanda Women's Rugby
Rusconi, Emma  Women's Rugby
Shambo, Natalie  Women's Rugby
Sutherland, Diana Women's Rugby
Vitale, Marisa Maria Women's Rugby
Wilson, Lauren Women's Rugby
Zunick, Allie  Women's Rugby
Caggiano, Delaney Women's Soccer
Elwell, Shelby  Women's Soccer
Hanna, Rachel  Women's Soccer
Hickey, Shannon Women's Soccer
Kemnitz, Caroline Women's Soccer
Look, Kelly  Women's Soccer
Masucci, Elizabeth Women's Soccer
Merritt, Hannah Women's Soccer
Pernice, Sharlotte  Women's Soccer
Pratt, Paige  Women's Soccer
Presser, Jillian  Women's Soccer
Sezon, Brady  Women's Soccer
Smith, Megan  Women's Soccer
Verneris, Mary  Women's Soccer
Barmore, Alexandra  Women's Tennis
Freter, Gillian Women's Tennis
Leys, Margaret Women's Tennis
Licciardi, Emily Women's Tennis
O'Keefe, Clare  Women's Tennis
Pertile, Sarah  Women's Tennis
Rahr, Lauren  Women's Tennis
Clotfelter, Mareena  Women's Volleyball
Hadad, Erica  Women's Volleyball
Kennedy, Mackenzie  Women's Volleyball
Mancini, Emma  Women's Volleyball
Pierce, Cydney Women's Volleyball
Skidmore, Erin  Women's Volleyball
Trudon, Nichole  Women's Volleyball

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