Sports at Endicott

Through hard work and talent, the student-athletes at Endicott have earned the privilege to wear the Gulls uniform.

They have joined a tradition of excellence here at Endicott that began in 1939 when the College was a two-year institution for women pursuing an education and a career. In 1993, Endicott was welcomed as a NCAA Division III member with its hallmark women's programs in the areas of basketball, field hockey, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball. One year later, in a historic move, Endicott transitioned into a co-educational institution and integrated baseball, basketball, cross country, and soccer as its first men's varsity programs.

Nearly 25 years later, Endicott's growth as an institution is one of the greatest success stories in higher education. As the College grew, so did athletics, and today, Endicott's 21 varsity sports are among the best regionally and on the national stage. Six club sports programs provide another competitive avenue for students, while intramural offerings have received national recognition for their overall quality. 

Ultimately, the student-athletes at Endicott are afforded the unique opportunity to pursue the highest level of play in collegiate athletics. It is in this competition that they experience mental, social, and emotional growth as they strive for academic and athletic greatness. 

NCAA Division III Varsity Programs

BASEBALL | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Titles in 1997, 2000, 2003-04, 2006, 2013-14
BASKETBALL | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Titles in 1999-00, 2004-06, 2012, 2015-16
CROSS COUNTRY | Roster | Schedule | Results | News
Conf. Title in 1998
FOOTBALL | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Titles in 2010, 2013
GOLF | Roster | Schedule | Results | News
Conf. Titles in 2006, 2009, 2012-14, 2017
ICE HOCKEY | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Title in 2016-2017
LACROSSE | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Titles in 2001, 2004-07, 2010-11, 2015, 2017
SOCCER | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Title in 1998
TENNIS | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
VOLLEYBALL | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Titles in 2013-17
BASKETBALL | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News

CROSS COUNTRY | Roster | Schedule | Results | News

FIELD HOCKEY | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Titles in 2011-12
ICE HOCKEY | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News

LACROSSE | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Titles in 2006-14, 2017
SOCCER | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Titles in 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003-07, 2009, 2013
SOFTBALL | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Titles in 1995, 1998-99, 2003-11, 2014
TENNIS | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Titles in 2008, 2011-15
Coming Fall 2017
VOLLEYBALL | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | News
Conf. Titles in 2004, 2006-08, 2016
IHSA - Intercollegiate Horse Show Association logo EQUESTRIAN | Roster | Schedule | News


Club Sports

The Endicott Department of Athletics and Recreation also supports the student demand for competition outside of our NCAA sponsored programs. Club sports offer the structure, schedule, intensity, and demand like their varsity counterparts in the following areas for the 2017-18 academic year:

Men's Crew
Women's Crew
Roller Hockey
Men's Rugby
Women's Rugby

Intramurals and Recreation

Endicott boasts an 87% combined participation rate in intramurals and other recreational opportunities. The College was recently ranked among the top-50 intramural programs in the country by in 2015. For the 2016-17 academic year, all students can get involved in the following intramural offerings:

3x3 Basketball (men and women)
5x5 Basketball (men and women)
Broomball (co-ed)
Floor Hockey (men and women)
Indoor Arena Football (men and women)
Outdoor Flag Football (men and women)
Ice Hockey (men and women)
Indoor Soccer, Futsal (co-ed)
Outdoor Soccer (men and women)
Softball (co-ed)
Volleyball (co-ed)

Visit the intramural website for additional information, FAQs, details on how you can participate, and staff contact information.