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#ThisIsEndicott – Nick Weinstein ’17

Nick Weinstein poses for a photo with a ball in front of his chest.


Written by Nick Perenick, ECGulls Contributor 

BEVERLY, Mass. – World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Production Assistant. Men's Soccer Program Record Holder. 2017 Endicott College Cum Laude Graduate.

This is Nick Weinstein and this is HIS STORY.


Upon graduating from Endicott in 2017 with a Bachelor's of Science in Communication, Nick wasn't exactly certain where the road would take him, and he sure didn't have Saudi Arabia in mind. That's just one of the many exotic places he has already visited in his year-long journey with the WWE.

Nick is in his first year as a Production Assistant with the WWE where his responsibilities are high and the reward is even higher. As a Communications Assistant Director, he works with the executive producer, the director, the cameramen, and the graphics controllers while inside a 12 million dollar production truck to make sure the television broadcast runs smoothly. Camera cuts and commercial breaks are just a few jobs that fall under Nick's extensive tasks, which are viewed by millions of people on Smackdown, Raw, and SummerSlam telecasts.

Despite his duties behind the camera, Nick's career goals remain set on becoming a member of the on-air talent. The experiences behind-the-scenes have given him a better perspective and appreciation of the production crew and the importance of their role to the entire broadcast.

Traveling also is a huge part of every week as he does so about 3-4 days and spends the other two other days working in studio. Over the past 365 days, Nick has met numerous celebrities while working for the massive entertainment company.

Along with Hollywood fans, he also deals with WWE Superstars on a weekly basis and has the opportunity to experience some amazing cities with his co-workers, such as spending Christmas in Chicago and New Year's in Miami.

"This career is truly a tour that never ends… I knew when I got into the entertainment industry these were sacrifices I'd have to make," said Weinstein.

Later this year, he will be traveling to Australia as the WWE will be holding a massive event called the "Super Show-Down" on October 6 inside the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Victoria, which seats 100,000 spectators.


Weinstein grew up in Trumbull, Connecticut, a neighboring community of Bridgeport. His whole life, he has had a passion for soccer and set his sights on playing at the NCAA Division I level. At the conclusion of his first two collegiate seasons at a nearby NCAA Division I school, Nick knew it was time for a change that would challenge him both in the classroom and on the pitch.  

After visiting a close friend at Endicott, he immediately fell in love with the gorgeous campus and the inviting students. He soon transferred to Endicott in the fall of 2015 and joined the Gulls' soccer squad.


"After speaking to Coach Cal[abrese] on the phone for the first time before my transfer, he was extremely honest and up front. He told me nothing would be handed to me and I would have to prove myself to deserve a chance to play," stated Weinstein.

He then continued to elaborate on Coach Calabrese's impact.

"I've never seen a coach love a sport more, and put so much effort and passion into what he does like Cal. Seeing Coach Cal in the office at 5 AM for winter workouts and then seeing him in in the gym himself set a great example for myself and the other guys," said Weinstein.

His work ethic has been admired by Nick and Endicott soccer alums for many years, along with his approachable attitude which makes for positive relationships.

Former Trumbull resident and Endicott Soccer alum Shay Neary '17 also played a key part in Nick's transfer, as he mentioned Weinstein to Coach Calabrese. Neary's efforts opened up the door for Nick to become a Gull.

"My teammates were one of the best parts about Endicott. The relationship we had off the field was probably the most important factor, we all lived together, hung out together, did everything together which brought us closer and helped on the field a ton," elated Weinstein.

The bonding between teammates, which has since transformed into a family for Weinstein, started well before the fall as the team would practice futsal for three nights a week during the winter season. During that time, Weinstein was able to see his team work harder than any he had previously been a part of, and that allowed him to connect with his teammates beyond just soccer.


Outside of the soccer pitch, Nick took advantage of Endicott's extensive internship program to gain first-hand, fast-paced experience in his desired work field. He completed three internships during his time as a Gull at WEBE108-FM Radio, Gateway Media, and Comcast SportsNet (CSN).

"I can confidently say without the internship program at Endicott I wouldn't have had the necessary experiences to jump right into the workforce a month after graduation," said Weinstein.

His opportunities were endless, including interviews with many professional athletes such as Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, Kyrie Irving, Xander Bogaerts, Mookie Betts, and more.

His internship at CSN gave him an inside look into production and behind-the-scenes live television operations.  

"CSN gave me the opportunity to work non-conventional hours and get to soak up a ton of live TV experience right off the bat," said Weinstein.

Meanwhile, Gatehouse Media, a major publishing company based in New York, highlighted the importance of being able to finish projects on strict deadlines. As a sports writer, he published 6-8 stories a week during the school year. These opportunities kicked the door wide open for his current career with the WWE.


At the start of his sophomore spring season - Nick endured a major setback after suffering a broken foot - which caused him to be sidelined until mid-summer approaching his junior campaign. However, due to his hard work and determination, Nick was back and fully healthy for his junior year.

In his two seasons with the Gulls, the team finished 12-5-3 (8-1 CCC) and 16-3-4 (8-0-1 CCC) in 2015 and 2016, respectively, while he also established numerous individual records along the way.

Nick is first all-time in wins, both in career and single season (16 in 2015, 28 total). He also is the program record holder for save percentage (.845), goals against average (0.69), and most shutouts with 24 (11 more than any other goalkeeper). Additionally, Nick ranks second all-time in games started (42) and minutes played (3924:12), and is third all-time in saves (163).

"I look back at my experience as a Gull on the pitch and the main goal, a CCC Championship, didn't happen, but I feel in my two years the squad really set the standard for the teams going forward. To see the boys take home the championship this past fall made it all worth it," stated Weinstein.

Due to his efforts in the box and in the community, he was named Co-Male Athlete of the Year in 2017, an award that meant the most to Nick because it took into consideration his academics and — most importantly — the impact he had off the field with Team IMPACT, Endicott Athletics, and the Student Government Association.

"When I come back to visit I love the fact that I can see old professors, coaches, and mentors," he said, "That is what means the most to me, having meaningful conversations with people who are still invested in my life. That's how I know I made a positive impact in Beverly."

Nick proudly boasts about the student-athlete experience as a Gull being "far and beyond the best part of my few years," and calling the support system of fellow students "unbelievable."

Shaping close relationships with other student-athletes were definitely key to his success on Hale Street.


Nick's advice for students that are pursuing a career in the Communications or Sports Media realm at Endicott is the following: "All students should take advantage of the opportunities the Athletic Department and Communications Department have to offer."

Nick says this through his own experiences, as he wrote for the school newspaper, hosted his own sports-oriented TV show, and broadcasted over 75 Endicott Athletics games. All of those opportunities were provided directly by Endicott and gave him a chance to be comfortable right off the bat and excel in his internships and eventually his career, post-graduation.

Lastly, his biggest piece of advice he shared was: "Don't expect to land your dream job immediately in this industry. A 22-year-old will not be broadcasting for Fox Sports in the World Cup… it's unrealistic. Get your foot in the door whether that be behind-the-scenes, at a college, or a small market town and be patient. Endicott has shown me that my big-time dreams are possible. I will get there one day, for now, learn, network, keep your head down and work hard." 

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(Cover Photo Credit - David Le '10 | Photo Album Credit - Nick Weinstein '17)