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INTERNSHIP INSIGHT: Christopher Cole '21 & Azan Dorsett '22 - Red Curve Solutions

INTERNSHIP INSIGHT: Christopher Cole '21 & Azan Dorsett '22 - Red Curve Solutions

BEVERLY, Mass. – Endicott College is a pioneer in requiring comprehensive internship experiences in every program of study for undergraduate students. Here's a look into men's golf student-athlete and business management major Christopher Cole (Lynn, Mass.) and men's ice hockey student-athlete and finance major Azan Dorsett's (McKinney, Texas) internship experiences at Red Curve Solutions.

ECGULLS: Describe your overall internship experience.

COLE: My internship experience has been fulfilling and eye-opening. It's been extremely positive as I have been part of an office with wonderful personalities. Throughout my few months there I have had the opportunity to take on increasing responsibilities. Having so much time in one place has been extremely beneficial to take on more challenging work. This has been an incredible experience and I can't say enough great things about Red Curve Solutions.

DORSETT: Overall, I would describe my internship experience as a positive one here at Red Curve Solutions. Before starting last month, I saw this internship opportunity as a great way to expand my knowledge in the field of finance and accounting. Little did I know that it would provide much more for me. From meeting a great office team to learning fascinating rules and regulations about the financial modeling of political campaigns. Being my first office experience, I wasn't sure what to expect coming in, but with the help of the welcoming staff, I was able to make the most out of my experience and time here.

ECGULLS: What have you learned from your internship?

COLE: The majority of the work and projects I have been involved with must remain confidential as I am managing the finances of high-profile politicians. While the projects we work directly on have to remain vague in detail, the reports we produce are made public through the media. Because of this, we have to ensure that every detail is accurate, and we are in compliance with Federal Law. I mostly worked on managing revenue and expenses for campaigns, data hygiene for various clients, and vetting Individual, LLC, and PAC donations.

DORSETT: Despite only being here a short time, I learned plenty of important lessons regarding work and life. One that particularly stood out to me was to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. Here at Red Curve, politicians rely on their team to make sure the financial side of their campaign is taken care of, and that calls for a variety of different tasks to be completed daily. From the start, I was faced with numerous assignments with different subject matters. Taking on assignments that were new to me and learning new things every day taught me to be successful in and out of the workplace.

ECGULLS: How will this internship help you in your career moving forward?

COLE: From my three months, I have gained extensive knowledge and skill in operating Excel. Maneuvering through our database and other software programs have helped build patience for attention to detail. Whether obvious or obscure mistakes, I learned to have an analytical eye when observing research. At various times, I was asked to train other interns and employees, which provided me with experience in not only applying my knowledge learned, but also communicating that to others. Alongside training others, I created various templates and guides that I could share with them or leave behind as materials for training future employees. 

DORSETT: Working here at Red Curve helped me gain valuable work experience for any job I will have in the future, as well as giving me an idea of where I would like my career path to take me in terms of my interests. It has not only opened my eyes to what it's like being in an actual workplace but also helped me to find an interest in politics and the political world.

ECGULLS: What kind of networking have you done at your internship?

COLE: Red Curve Solutions is involved in a high turnover industry, so throughout my three months I have made numerous connections in the office. We work in an open-floor plan which allows for abundant interactions with the President, Senior Vice President, and COO of the company. I have formed many great friendships during this internship. This past week, I was asked to come back during winter break to work for another three weeks at Red Curve. 

ECGULLS: Do you have a favorite experience or story from your internship? If so, what was it?

COLE: My favorite experience was receiving a VIP invitation to a client's political rally in the middle of August. I am really excited to connect with their campaign members and meet the people who we help work for. Another additional bonus has been getting official campaign attire and other supplies. I am looking forward to experiencing the rally as the closing of my internship experience! 


A philosophy of "learning by doing" permeates the college curriculum in which students are encouraged to integrate theory and practice in all of their studies.

Through their experiences in internships students will be prepared to:

  • Apply, integrate, and evaluate knowledge within a particular academic discipline
  • Develop competencies for careers and community service
  • Explore career options and gain field experience
  • Foster personal growth through increased self-confidence, interpersonal skills, an understanding of self and others, and a heightened awareness of ethical standards
  • Improve the ability to learn in a self-directed manner

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(Photo Credit - Christopher Cole/Azan Dorsett)