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Athletic Training

Athletic Training Stretching Exercises

A List Of the Best Ankle Exercises

Ankle Pumps

4 Way ankle theraband exercises

Calf raises double leg

Calf raises 2 legs up 1 down

Calf raises single leg

Heel walks

Toe walks 

Towel scrunch

Marble pick ups

Single leg balance stable surface

Single leg on air ex

Single leg balance with ball toss

Cup pick ups 

Cup pick ups on air ex

Rainbow road

Front/back line hops

Lateral line hops

Hurdle hops double leg

Hurdle hops single leg


A List Of the Best Core/Quad/Hamstring Exercises

4 way straight leg raises with ankle weight


Reverse clams 

Monster walks

Side to side steps

4 way hip standing 

Hamstring curls with ankle weight

Seated internal rotation

Seated external rotation

Prone double leg bridge 

Prone Single Leg bridge 

Step Ups

Hip Hikes

Lunges with dumbells

Lunges on dina disc

Lunges on BOSU

Romanian deadlift (RDL) with dumbells

Single leg deadlift (SLDL) with dumbells

Rearfoot Elevated Split Squat (RFE) with Dumbells

Eccentric Hamstring Curls with Physioball

Wall Squats

Single leg wall squats

Wall sits

Single leg squat

Chair drag double leg

Chair Drag single leg

BOSU Squats

Walls Slides Knee

Pron hangs

Quad sets

Short arc quads

Dead bugs


Side planks

Side planks with dips

Plank off physioball 

Knees to chest with physioball

Supermans prone


Angry cats


A List of the Best Shoulder Exercises

Passive range of motion shoulder

Wall walks


Weight shifts shoulder

Wall push up

Side-lying external roatation 

Prone scap punches

Prone T's Y's I's

Standing T's Y's I's

Prone rows

Prone U's


External rotation with theraband

Internal rotation with theraband

90/90 external rotation with theraband

90/90 internal rotation with theraband

Scap punches with theraband

Rows with theraband 

Scap push ups


Sleeper Stretch

Rythmic Stabilization 

Med ball push up 

BOSU puch up 

Tramp med ball toss

D1 flexion with theraband

D1 extension with theraband

D2 flexion with theraband

D2 extension with theraband

Body Blade


A List Of the best Elbow/Wrist/Whole Body Stretches

Elbow Extension

Elbow Flexion

Hammer Curls

Brachialis Curls

Wrist Pronation/Supination

Wrist extension

Wrist flexion

Radial/Ulnar deviation

Finger tip touches

Hand grip exercises with figner web

Hand grip exercises with putty

Hamstring stretch

IT band stretch

Groin stretch 

Quad stretch

Couch Stretch

Doorway stretch