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EC Crew Gets Ready to Throwdown

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Team Relays - \$12/team

All other events - \$12/person


Please register online at  Payment must be received before the event begins.  No refunds will be given for scratches.  Please pay via credit card through Regatta Central or via check at the registration table the day of the event.  Checks should be made payable to Endicott College Crew.


This event will use the paper US Rowing waiver, but is not a US Rowing sanctioned event.  All rowers under the age of 18 must also have a parental signature.  Waivers should be submitted to the registration table.


The waiver is available at

Weight Divisions

Lightweight and coxswain entrants must weigh-in the day of the event by the scorers table prior to his/her event.  Competitors must weight in wearing no less than their racing gear, minus shoes (shorts and shirt or uni).  The following define lightweight rowers:


Lightweight Men: 165 lbs. or less

Lightweight Women: 135 lbs. or less

Men’s Coxswains: 130 lbs. or less and primarily act as coxswain

Women’s Coxswains: 120 lbs. or less and primarily act as coxswain

Age Divisions\Handicapping

Junior: Open to high school students and rowers aged 17 and under.

Masters: Age 30+


The masters category will be handicapped 1000m races.  Handicapping will be done as follows:

Age 91-99:

3.5 seconds per year over 90, plus

Age 81-90:

3 seconds per year over 80, plus

Age 71-80:

2.5 seconds per year over 70, plus

Age 61-70:

2 seconds per year over 60, plus

Age 51-60:

1.5 seconds per year over 50

Age 30-50

0 seconds

Team Relay

Payment and Registration:

Each relay teams shall be compromised of 6 rowers, including at least 3 female competitors.  The erg will be set for 3000m and each rower will be row 500m.  Teams may pull on the erg handle while transitioning competitors and may assist holding the competitors feet, but only rowers on the 6-person team may contribute.

Race Day Procedures

Rowers may choose any ergometer on the competition floor for their race.  The ergs must be set to the proper distance.  The race judge will call out, “Ready all, Row.”  Rowers are to begin racing on the call.  All rowers must have a coxswain next to them to write down their rower’s time on a provided note card.  EACH RACE TIME MUST BE VERIFIED\COLLECTED BY THE RACE JUDGE BEFORE THE MONITOR IS RESET.  Failure to get a time verified is an automatic disqualification.  It is the responsibility of the rower to be warmed up before his/her race.  A few ergs and the track above the competition area will be available for warm-up.



Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each individual event: gold for first place, silver for second place, and bronze for third place.  Last place medals will not be awarded if an event has 3 competitors or less.


Only gold medals will be awarded for the team relays.