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Semester-Long Internship Q&A with Crew Senior Brenna Shanahan

Brenna Shanahan stands in front of a book shelf.

BEVERLY, Mass. - The semester-long internship is one of the essential pieces of Endicott's experiential learning model which includes two 120-hour internships, a semester-long internship, and senior thesis. In essence, it gets undergraduate students career ready with a loaded resume geared towards whatever their postgraduate endeavors may be.

One member of the Class of 2018 for the Gulls crew program - while balancing strength and conditioning programming, captains practices, official team practice, and the start to their 2017-18 campaign - has completed their semester-long internship. Brenna Shanahan (Shelton, Conn.) gave us an insight into her experience working in her desired profession through our new question and answer series. 

Brenna Shanahan at her internship site Brenna Shanahan

Semester-Long Internship: The Quarto Group, Editorial Department
Previous Internships: 

What inspired you to pursue an internship at this organization or what inspired you to go into the specific industry in which you are working?

I loved the global outreach of Quarto and the number of, as well as the locations of their U.S. offices. I knew that being a part of a large company would present me with many opportunities to grow within it. Interning at the slightly smaller Beverly location allowed me to network and make connections with people even outside of my department while still experiencing working for an international company. I also loved the idea that the projects I worked on would inspire, teach, and benefit others.

What were some of your most meaningful experiences on the job and what did you learn?

On my first day, I noticed that there was a sign-up sheet in the lunchroom for a ping pong tournament. Being the new intern, I felt that perhaps it wasn't my place to butt in and that I was here solely to work, not to enjoy myself or have fun. But I impulsively jotted my name down on the list because of my competitive personality. This added excitement to my workdays, gave me something to look forward to, made me feel like a part of the company, and helped me meet people I wouldn't have otherwise spoken to, even though I didn't win.

How did your internship help clarify your postgraduate career pursuits?

This internship was my first experience with publishing and I had originally pursued this to explore a possible career that I might enjoy. I was surprised that, unlike most people I know with full-time jobs, I didn't dread waking up and driving to work every morning. This internship reaffirmed that working in the editorial department at a publishing company is a fitting, fulfilling career for me.

What advice would you give students that are either just starting the internship program at Endicott or students that will be going on semester-long internship?

I would advise students to keep an open mind. Most people associate 'work' or 'internship' with dullness or obligation. However, each experience is what you make of it.

The Endicott Experience feature aims to highlight the entirety of the student-athletes' experiential learning journey throughout their academic careers. The student-athlete at Endicott is afforded the same opportunities as the general student population at the College as it relates to internships, study abroad, and postgraduate career pursuits. This philosophy mirrors the mission statement of the College which every student is encouraged to take intellectual risks, pursue scholarly and creative interests, contribute to the community, and explore diverse career paths. Read more Endicott Experience features by navigating the links below.   

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