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Student-Athlete Quotes About Career Outcomes/Internship Experiences (Extended)

"Completing an internship prior to graduation is such an important part of my success because it gives me the opportunity to establish myself as a professional within the criminal justice industry." Emily Rodewald (Women's Soccer, Interning at Essex District Attorney's Office)

"Completing this internship will be important to my success after graduation because I have a full set of marketable skills that can get me hired by a company right away. I currently perform all of the tests and do all of the work that the real product scientists do so I could get hired at that position right away." Matt Camilleri (Men's Rugby, Interning at Cell Signaling Technology)

"Interning at the Saint Mary School has given me the opportunity to see what grades I would like to teach. It has also given me practice to become an effective teacher." Nikki Athas (Women's Rugby, Interning at Saint Mary School)

"Internships are important as they help students gain experience in their future career field and create networking opportunities. Internships and supervisors are great references when applying for jobs and show future employers what experience has already been obtained." Brenna Shannon (Women's Lacrosse, Interning at The Langham Boston)

"My internship teaching English in Costa Rica is directly related to my senior thesis work, and will be an invaluable background to have if I'm teaching in underfunded schools or in neighborhoods with high a Spanish-speaking population. This experience has renewed my excitement about becoming a teacher and has solidified for me that this field is exactly what I want to go into after graduation!" – Erin Westerman (Women's Rugby, Interning in a smal private elementary school in San Jose, Costa Rica)