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Endicott Athletics Alumni Spotlight - Gabe Carreiro B.S. '08

Gabe Carreiro '08 with his mother, Diane, and his father, Gil, on Senior Day in 2008.
Gabe Carreiro '08 with his mother, Diane, and his father, Gil, on Senior Day in 2008.

If you’re a current Endicott student-athlete and balancing school work, internship, practice, and games, you’re probably wondering what your post-graduation life will be like and if all the hard work you’re putting now is going to be worth it. Maybe you’re a prospective student-athlete in high school and thinking about whether Endicott is the right place for you or maybe you’re an alumnus of the College interested to find out what classmates are up to. Whatever your angle is, we’ve got insight into the whereabouts and happenings of some of our favorite Endicott student-athlete alumni.

This week, we got in touch with former Endicott men's ice hockey defenseman, and captain, Gabe Carreiro '08 to find out the impact Endicott, his professors, his coaches, and his teammates had on his postgraduate success. Carreiro transferred to Endicott for his junior and senior years after spending two years at the Coast Guard Academy. He aspired to obtain a law degree and found a group of faculty at Endicott that would help him achieve that goal. 

During his enrollment at Endicott, Carreiro completed internships with the Essex County District Attorney's Office and the Massachusetts Trial Court. After graduating magna cum laude in the spring of 2008, Carreiro matriculated at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA. There, he completed a summer judicial clerkship with the Massachusetts Superior Court, and a summer associateship with prestigious international law firm, Brown Rudnick LLP, before graduating summa cum laude (in the top 02% of his class) in May 2011. After his admission to the Massachusetts Bar, Carreiro joined Brown Rudnick full-time as a corporate finance / capital markets attorney, representing Fortune 500 companies and high-profile clientele like Carl Icahn in high-stakes financial matters. In September 2013, Carreiro accepted an offer to join Summit Partners, a Boston-based private-equity fund that has raised over $16 billion in capital since its inception, as a Senior Associate / In-House Deal Counsel. 

Find out more about Gabe Carreiro from our brief question and answer session with him.

Gabe Carreiro, B.S. (magna cum laude) in Criminal Justice '08
Juris Doctor (summa cum laude), Suffolk University Law School '11
 Men's Ice Hockey
Hometown / High School: Chatham, Mass. / Northfield Mount Hermon School
Current Employer & Job Title: Summit Partners - Senior Associate / In-House Deal Counsel
Previous Employers & Job Titles: Brown Rudnick LLP - Corporate Finance / Capital Markets Attorney

Gabe Carreiro '08 is currently employed at Summit Partners in Boston's Back Bay.

How did your major, classes, professors, and education at Endicott contribute to your post-graduation career?              

I mentioned this several years ago when I had the opportunity to speak at Accepted Students’ Day, but one of the things that I’ll never forget about Endicott, and that I’ll be forever grateful for, is the unwavering dedication of a select group of faculty members who helped me achieve my goal of getting into law school.  When I met with my academic advisor at the start of my junior year to discuss my goals and short-term plan, I told him that I wanted to attend law school after graduation. At the time, I was a bit discouraged because neither of us knew of any recent graduate who had done so (there are a bunch of us now), but he told me that if I worked hard and got the grades, he would do everything he could to help. Over the next two years, he and a number of professors and coaches went above and beyond to help me achieve that goal: informing me of opportunities that I could take advantage of to improve my candidacy, recommending coursework that would help on my LSAT or otherwise, and even just taking time out of their busy schedules to provide advice and support.  I ended up getting into eight out of the ten schools I applied to, and there’s no question that would not have been possible without the mentorship of those Endicott faculty members.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to thank them as much as they deserve, but I hope they know how appreciative I am and how much of an impact they had on my life.  

What internships did you participate in at Endicott?

Essex County District Attorney's Office (2007-08); Massachusetts Trial Court (2006-07)

How did your internships at Endicott contribute to your post-graduation career?

I think any college graduate will tell you that, no matter how much you study, there are some things you just can’t learn in a textbook or in the classroom; you need experience. To me, the internship program was a perfect complement to the academic curriculum because it helped me start to develop such experience and allowed me to apply some of the material I was learning in class.  Although I have since shifted my career path from criminal law and litigation to financial law and investment funds, my Endicott internships are where I got my initial exposure to the legal/court system and took the first steps towards my current career. 

What were some of your most memorable experiences as a student-athlete at Endicott?

The camaraderie among my teammates on and off the ice. Between off-season training, regular season away games, and living and socializing together, your teammates essentially become your on-campus family. A perfect example: when I transferred to Endicott at the start of my junior year, I thought it would be tough to make friends - I didn’t know anyone at the school, and I presumed that most of the students my year had already met their close group of friends. Turns out, I couldn’t have been more incorrect. A few hours after arriving on campus, I heard a knock on my door and, when I opened it, two guys were standing outside and asked if I was “the new hockey transfer”. I said “yes”, and, after briefly introducing themselves, they said “come with us”.  Further introductions were made over beers, and I was then taken to meet the rest of the team. To this day, those two gents (Ben Dodge ’07 and Mike Ripley ’08) and a couple of my other teammates are some of my closest friends.  

Are you still playing your sport either competitively or recreationally? If so, in what capacity?

I'll lace up the skates for the occasional alumni game, but I'm not currently playing in any organized leagues.  Not because I don't want to, but because my wife and I live in the heart of the city, and she has assured me that friends and family will never come to visit if the apartment smells like hockey gear. So, as of now, joining a league is on the back burner until we move out to the suburbs.

Do you maintain contact with Endicott or athletic department (i.e. communication with former coach, Alumni Association, Young Alumni)? If so, how are you still involved with Endicott?

Due to the unpredictability of my schedule, I’m unfortunately unable to commit as much time to the school as I’d like to, but, in addition to being a donor to the hockey program and the school, I currently mentor several student-athletes graduating in 2015 and 2016.

Do you have any additional post-graduation accomplishments you would like to highlight?

Former Gulls Jessica (Oxton) Carreiro '08 (left) and Gabe Carreiro '08 on their wedding day in June 2014.

There have been some great moments over the years, but my best accomplishment to date has to be convincing Jessica (Oxton) Carreiro (also EC class of 2008) to marry me this past June.  Hopefully she doesn't come to her senses any time soon.

Do you have any other comments about your experience at Endicott?

One of the many things about Endicott that makes me proud to call myself an alumnus is to see the school’s staunch commitment to institutional advancement and providing the best possible opportunities for its students. Since I graduated in 2008, the student population has nearly doubled, there are new majors, and there have been substantial improvements throughout the campus (new classroom buildings, new performing arts center, new athletic facilities, etc.). As an alum, when you see such remarkable progress in such a short period of time, you can’t help but feel pride for your alma mater and excited about what the future holds – like a hockey rink!