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INTERNSHIP INSIGHT: Jennifer Stone '21 - Sugoi Social Media

INTERNSHIP INSIGHT: Jennifer Stone '21 - Sugoi Social Media

BEVERLY, Mass. – Endicott College is a pioneer in requiring comprehensive internship experiences in every program of study for undergraduate students. Here's a look into women's tennis student-athlete and marketing major Jennifer Stone's (Baldwinsville, N.Y.) internship experience at Sugoi Social Media.

ECGULLS: Describe your overall internship experience. 

STONE: My experience as an intern for Sugoi Social Media has helped me to understand what I want to do in the future after I graduate from Endicott. Social media marketing has expanded into almost every company or business by now, so being able to learn the inside aspects of designing websites, Instagram pages, campaigns, and other platforms is really beneficial for a business to become effective.

ECGULLS: What have you learned from your internship?

STONE: I have focused on two main projects while being at Sugoi Social Media. The main project is a website for a campaign. With the many elections coming up soon, being able to make this particular candidate stand out from others will help him with his future campaigns. Another project I worked on was an Instagram page for a new restaurant in Skaneateles, N.Y. called "Elephant and the Dove". The purpose of me helping with the design of this restaurant was because it is new, so I am helping convince customers that they should come to eat at this particular restaurant.

ECGULLS: How will this internship help you in your career moving forward?

STONE: Being able to understand how effective social media is to the people of this generation and future generations to come. Social media platforms have been around for some time now and new ones continue to come about. Being able to take advantage of the most popular sites can benefit companies and individuals in many ways for years to come.

ECGULLS: What kind of networking have you done at your internship?

STONE: I have been able to reach out and meet many different business owners, campaign runners, as well as those who work in the office with me. I have made connections with many, leading to realizations that we know many of the same people. I have really realized that you never know who you are talking to and who they may know.

ECGULLS: Do you have a favorite experience or story from your internship? If so, what was it?

STONE: There have been many great experiences so far but my favorite has been working a fundraiser for the Onondaga County Comptroller candidate. At this event, our scope was to capture pictures of the night and create content subject to use for future campaigns. Working in the field at events have been more exciting and hands-on. 


A philosophy of "learning by doing" permeates the college curriculum in which students are encouraged to integrate theory and practice in all of their studies.

Through their experiences in internships students will be prepared to:

  • Apply, integrate, and evaluate knowledge within a particular academic discipline
  • Develop competencies for careers and community service
  • Explore career options and gain field experience
  • Foster personal growth through increased self-confidence, interpersonal skills, an understanding of self and others, and a heightened awareness of ethical standards
  • Improve the ability to learn in a self-directed manner

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(Photo Credit - Jennifer Stone '21)