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2011-12 Endicott Crew Roster

Kathryn A'Hearn full bio Kathryn A'Hearn Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Mahopac, N.Y. Major: Graphic Design
Alston Adkins full bio Alston Adkins Cl.: Sr. Hometown: Gloucester, Mass. Major: Business Management
Annie Ahrens full bio Annie Ahrens Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Stonington, Conn. Major: Communications
Maria Battista full bio Maria Battista Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Kingston, Mass. Major: Psychology
Jim Dooley full bio Jim Dooley Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Waltham, Mass. Major:  
Kevin Duffy full bio Kevin Duffy Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Reading, Mass. Major:  
Casey Foote full bio Casey Foote Cl.: So. Hometown: Farmington, Conn. Major: Elementary Education
Andrea Ford full bio Andrea Ford Cl.: So. Hometown: Franconia, N.H. Major: Physical Education
Mike Fortin full bio Mike Fortin Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Exeter, R.I. Major:  
Joy Harriman full bio Joy Harriman Cl.: Jr. Hometown: East Lyme, Conn. Major: Visual Communications - Graphic Design
Emily Heath full bio Emily Heath Cl.: Sr. Hometown: Scarborough, Maine Major: Physical Education
Michael Herman full bio Michael Herman Cl.: So. Hometown:   Major:  
Ian Kaeding full bio Ian Kaeding Cl.: RFr. Hometown:   Major:  
Jenn Lawson full bio Jenn Lawson Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Billerica, Mass. Major:  
Allison Loomis full bio Allison Loomis Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Wilbraham, Mass. Major:  
Scott Moore full bio Scott Moore Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Lynnfield, Mass. Major:  
Clayton Morrissey full bio Clayton Morrissey Cl.: So. Hometown:   Major:  
Rachel Mueller full bio Rachel Mueller Cl.: RFr. Hometown:   Major:  
Charles Nastasi full bio Charles Nastasi Cl.: So. Hometown: Reading, Mass. Major: Sport Management
Katie O'Donnell full bio Katie O'Donnell Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Milton, Mass. Major:  
Marina Phillipps full bio Marina Phillipps Cl.: RFr. Hometown:   Major:  
Dan Richards full bio Dan Richards Cl.: RFr. Hometown:   Major:  
Courtney Russell full bio Courtney Russell Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Salem, N.H. Major:  
Haley Russo full bio Haley Russo Cl.: So. Hometown: Newtown, Conn. Major: Graphic Design
Mariah Scanlon full bio Mariah Scanlon Cl.: So. Hometown: Natick, Mass. Major: Creative Writing/English
Nathan Simeon full bio Nathan Simeon Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Hinsdale, Mass. Major: Computer Science
Lianna Soreide full bio Lianna Soreide Cl.: So. Hometown: Phippsburg, Maine Major: Nursing
Hollie Tavares full bio Hollie Tavares Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Fall River, Mass. Major:  
Jenn Thomas full bio Jenn Thomas Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Jamestown, R.I. Major: Physical Education
Kaitlyn Walker full bio Kaitlyn Walker Cl.: Sr. Hometown: Guilford, Conn. Major:  
Stephanie Yepez full bio Stephanie Yepez Cl.: RFr. Hometown: Ridgefield, Conn. Major: