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2019-20 Endicott Equestrian Roster

Ally Arnold full bio Ally Arnold Cl.: Freshman Division: Pre-Novice (2A) Hometown: Saugus, Mass. Major: Hospitality Management
Helen Barrow full bio Helen Barrow Cl.: Freshman Division: Int. Flat/Int. Fences Hometown: Swanton, Vt. Major: Nursing
Emily Bocklet full bio Emily Bocklet Cl.: Freshman Division: Limit Flat/Fences Hometown: Cross River, N.Y. Major: Communication
Kathleen Bolduc full bio Kathleen Bolduc Cl.: Senior Division: Limit Flat/Int. Fences Hometown: Peabody, Mass. Major: Business Management & Entrepreneurship
Gemma Carson full bio Gemma Carson Cl.: Freshman Division: Limit Flat Hometown: Calverton, N.Y. Major: Political Science
Holly DeFalco full bio Holly DeFalco Cl.: Freshman Division: Novice (2B) Hometown: Westborough, Mass. Major: Criminal Justice
Katie Denker full bio Katie Denker Cl.: Senior Division: Introductory Hometown: Woburn, Mass. Major: Nursing
Brittany Dupuis full bio Brittany Dupuis Cl.: Sophomore Division: Introductory Hometown: Hopedale, Mass. Major: Nursing
Hope Forcellina full bio Hope Forcellina Cl.: Freshman Division: Limit Flat/Fences Hometown: South Windsor, Conn. Major: Psychology
Brianna Gallagher full bio Brianna Gallagher Cl.: Senior Division: Pre-Novice (2A) Hometown: Plymouth, Mass. Major: Biology & Biotechnology
Abbigale Gerrish full bio Abbigale Gerrish Cl.: Junior Division: Open Flat/Fences Hometown: Greenland, N.H. Major: Marketing & Business Management
Kaili Gore full bio Kaili Gore Cl.: Freshman Division: Limit Flat/Fences Hometown: Fleetwood, Pa. Major: Communication
Caitlin Laliberte full bio Caitlin Laliberte Cl.: Sophomore Division: Limit Flat/Fences Hometown: Westford, Mass. Major: Business Management
Kacie Leach full bio Kacie Leach Cl.: Sophomore Division: Novice (2B) Hometown: Milford, N.H. Major: Hospitality Management
Macayla Loescher full bio Macayla Loescher Cl.: Sophomore Division: Pre-Novice (2A) Hometown: Hubbardston, Mass. Major: Business Management
Hayley McGahan full bio Hayley McGahan Cl.: Freshman Division: Novice (2B) Hometown: Woburn, Mass. Major: Liberal Studies
Sydney Putnam full bio Sydney Putnam Cl.: Freshman Division: Novice (2B) Hometown: Ghent, N.Y. Major: Athletic Training
Annabella Silva full bio Annabella Silva Cl.: Junior Division: Limit Flat/Fences Hometown: North Truro, Mass. Major: Studio Art
Olivia Virgin full bio Olivia Virgin Cl.: Sophomore Division: Introductory Hometown: Burlington, Mass. Major: Environmental Science
Amber Vuilleumier full bio Amber Vuilleumier Cl.: Senior Division: Novice (2B) Hometown: Clinton, Conn. Major: Interior Design